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The page will be constantly updated (last updated - Wednesday, December 24, 2003) as we find more places on the Internet that deal with the lowest or cheapest prices on different items!

The following are links to many places on the Internet that will help you find the best and cheapest prices on different items.  Check ALL the links in a particular area, since the results from each site may vary!  Remember:  a few extra minutes checking a few extra sites can save you, literally, hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars by helping you obtain the cheapest prices for your item!!!

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Compare and read reviews of products: (This used to be  Go here first to read comparisons on different consumer items Wow, do searches on all kinds of products and this site will tell you the best prices!!! Reviews of products.  Check here 1st!


Shopping BOTS  TextbookLand This site does price comparisons on textbooks.  They also have links to other good deals.  Plus links to Free Stuff.       This site has ALL the current shopping BOTS.  These little helpers do searches for you and return low prices!  PriceWatch doesn't have ALL brands of a product.  But has a good general selection.  MySimon has an excellent select.  Also has guides to help you select the right product for your needs.   <<unbiased Prices & usually finds the lowest price on many many different types of items. <<<MY favorite!!!
 <<Just rated the best by the San Francisco Chronicle

Find Cheap Prices

These sites tout their ability to do price comparisons for you.  Put in what you want and it will find as many sites as it can that carry that item and what the price is.  Some sites have books, CDs, flowers, clothes, and other products
Check as many of these as you can stand.  A few extra minutes can save you 100's of dollars!
 <<Just rated the best by the San Francisco Chronicle  My personal favorite! 

Airline & Travel: 

The latest way to find the cheapest prices for airline flights is to go directly to the airline's site.  So, 1st go to , then Orbitz - The Travel Site with the Most Web-Only Rates on the Internet!, then Cheap Tickets  put in the flight you are interested in.  Note what airlines are listed.  NOW, go to each airline's site and look for a link for something like: "On-line specials" or "Internet specials", something like that.  There are some incredible savings this way.  I booked a round trip flight from San Francisco to Venice Italy on Delta Airlines for $426!!! You must download a small app. that runs in your browser.  It then searches about 80 travel vendors. - searches 20 sites including, Cheap Tickets and more. 
Banner 204_120_90 Cheap International Flights from Airline
Offering discount international airfares and travel reservations for flights originating in the US to destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, South Pacific, and throughout the world.
Caribbean Tours
All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations Search by locations & many resorts
I grabbed a San Francisco Flight to Venice Italy thru this bi-weekly email for only $421..  ROUND TRIP!
  <<I've found the 'lowest' fares on several of my trips at this great site! EzTickets Another NEW site. Air Awards specializes in first and business class discount travel to destinations worldwide with savings of up to 40% - 60% off the airlines' published fares. - wonderfully easy way to check for least expensive flights.  They also have a newsletter you can subscribe to that will 'watch' up to 3 flights that are of interest to you! 120x60 Gay Travel - the newest site of this type


TravelScape - Hot Deals Links Really great prices for students!  For instance: Chicago to Paris only $549!  
Astonishing savings if you are a little flexible.
Banner 10000042 Great source of Travel books, films, and more.

Warning: Actual flight times are only revealed to you after you have purchased your ticket.  However, check the site and see how much you can save thru them.  They say 40% savings!?!

They specialize in 1st Class and Business Class Travel.   They buy Frequent Flyer Miles and then use them to give you great prices on flights.  

Priceline - Air(default)Banner 3 
The lowest price they will accept on ANY trip is $150.  So LA to San Francisco is out! 
You must be very flexible to use this service!  But if you can be a little flexible you can get some great prices on flights!!

But be aware.  You must give them a charge card number before you register.  Then when you 'bid' on a seat, it's yours if the airline agrees.... You can't specify flight times.  So the airline can give you the worst flight.  But the savings can be considerable!!
Travel Companion Exchange
1-800-392-1256.  No web page yet.  They specialize in finding a reliable way for single travelers to hook up.
1-800-872-8584. Travel by freighter?  Call them! has lots of interesting vacation ideas. - Just like it says.  I have used this service.  You get to exchange info with a real person.  So, if you don't like the flight times, you can ask for the time you want!
Online area of Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine.  Has news about unannounced fares, scam alerts and more. - (NOTE the slight spelling difference between this site and the previous one)
Seems to specialize in different packages. Currently has packages for Jamaica 
This site is focused on the business traveler with hints about jet lag, travel gadgets, guides to cities around the world, etc
Vad #2-mid Swap time-shares, and more. Government info about delayed flights, lost luggage, and more Enterprise Rent-A-Car Well you're going to need a car at your destination.  They have pretty good rental prices. over 30,000 hotels to choose from.  Find low rates in the city of your choice. Has a GREAT real-time flight tracker that shows where the flight is RIGHT NOW! Tips about personal safety

Vacation Auctions sites  Not for the faint of heart!  But this site can find some really incredible savings.  Has no minimum bid.  but be sure to check the fees before you bid. some outstanding values here.


Some hints on finding cheap cruises: 


  A really GREAT Cruise site.  View ships, deck plans, and photos. Read expert reviews. Click for cruise news, innovations, and special interest cruises. Already booked a cruise? Click to see your cabin.

 Some incredible savings here! 

Hotels lol12060 <<Special discounts available ONLINE only.  Click to get to the web site.

Banking EverBank coming soon.  Try their on-line banking demo to see what you can do while traveling and away from home!

Travel Insurance

More Info    You MUST have insurance to cover all the little problems that can come up while you travel. BUT it is much cheaper than you think!
This site is well done. Has lots of great travel links to other sites as well!</a>

Other Travel Sites Unreal Deals 120x90 This is the REI Outlet site.  Great gear and great prices. Virtual Calling Cards 120x60 Free phone calls.
StoreSearch! Searches an incredible number of stores for the item you want. 6507size120X90 Great phone card prices.  Perfect for the traveler.  Part of Excite, search for computers/florist/golf equipment/stereo/etc
120x60_Irv's_animated70%off Banner 10000066 Discounts on travel. blue box LAST Minute travel discounts
Banner 10000006 Suites at discount prices. Nice site.  Links to Edmunds to find out Dealer Invoice prices.  They then give you a quote on the automobile you're looking for! has packages has packages has packages

Find discount parking near your airport!

Find radio stations where your traveling!

Study the local language before you arrive!  visa processing and information  Check here to see if your flight is on time!  

Computer Hardware, software, and supplies:
 <<Just rated the best by the San Francisco Chronicle   <<'s Junglee site  packs more information into its charts than any other price-comparison tool CompUSA Generic Banners  CompUSA! Has some of the best deals on computers!   <<MySimon is a nice search/product finder   NetBuyer not only finds products and prices, but also links directly to product reviews from a variety of computer magazines   YAHOO Shopping site   Rather than collecting vendor and price data on its own, it relies on vendors to post presumably more accurate information   <<unbiased Prices & usually finds the lowest price   Big Computer    <<Excite Product Finder site   Killer App If you have a computer,  Anti-Virus software is a MUST!   Home Depot still has good prices on some items.  Worth a check!   Reseller Price Guide 50%-75% Off!  < I save a bunch by ordering my printer cartridges here!  

Other Computer Sites to look at NECX Rated as "Best Comparison Shopping Features" by PC World magazine deals_120x90
NeverRunOutTabs_120x90 Wholesale Prices on Inkjets & Toner Stay online with Interstate Batteries
Apple, IBM, Acer, Sony   This site has lots of computers stuff and other goodies!

Online Direct Vendors:
Business Systems: 1-2-3  (120x60)

Banner 10000041
Online Resellers: 120x90_10offamazon_032503.gif 

Sites the buy other companies 'Overstocks' Save with Overstock's Best Price Guarantee  (120x90) - buys overstocked items from other companies; or companies that are going out of business - a liquidator
Button 120x90 Another great Bargain site! - bargain basement prices  

Books! this site specializes in Scholl Textbooks.  I tested it for a textbook I use and the range was $27 to $57.  It also lists the shipping costs to help you really compare prices!    Banner 10000008
Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find Even Used books 120 X 90 Badge Another good books AND TEXTBOOKS site  

Phones & Phone Cards - try these sites for discounts AND cheap prices on Phone Cards! Buy Phonecards! compare Cell Phone Rates Banner 10000045

Free software for local internet or dial-up access, easy to use only 200Kb application with built in local POPS worldwide and send mail functionality, ideal for the business traveler. "  

Pet supplies: They have great prices on items for your 'active' dog!  Check this site out if you like to hike, camp, etc, with your dog. 1-800-PetMeds  -  Free Shipping  Save money on your pet's medicine.  MUCH cheaper than from the vet and a better selection!
120x60_Save $5 on orders of $50 or more_PER004 BargainDog. Here's another site that had discounted dog items! Another discount Pet Rx site
120x90ani  Great prices. Another really good PETS site!  Good prices too! 120_90_1  Discounts on pet medicines and other supplies!  FREE shipping.

Auctions: Auction World - Consumer Exchange Network.  Register Now! Bid4It have not tried this site yet.  However, it seems to be similar to  You actually bid for different vacation packages. If you're ever looking for good buys in the computer and electronics arena, you can subscribe to this service. (This one is sponsored by Egghead) eBay.  This is a real person-to-person auction site.
>>Auctions @<< Z-Auction WebAuction FirstAuction.  They just added a 'One-hour Flash Auction' that is held several times a day. OnSale. They have a downloadable utility that keeps track of your multiple auctions in real time.   Insight Direct  For Travel packages.  Has no minimum bid.  but be sure to check the fees before you bid. some outstanding values here for travel packages. Consumer World

Clothes! Eddie Bauer Outlet (120x60) Great stuff for travel! 
120x90 FreeShip Fantastic bargains here! 120x60 Logo (Animated) It's the Spiegel-OUTLET store!  Great savings on ALL kinds of things.   Really great travel cloths!
   Banner 1  Dresses at a discount!  

Misc. discount sites   A little bit of everything.  Bored?  Check this site out!

Places for Consumer Complaints (I have not reviewed these): - Caveat Emptor Consumer Complaint Resolution Company Fight Back! Ellen's Poison Pen   

List of Links to sites similar to this Consumer World An excellent lists of sites covering ALL consumer items.


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