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Links Page

This page contains LINKS to all the people, places, and companies mentioned in my emails that have web sites.

Links on this page:

Great Miscellaneous Links:

EscapeArtist.com - http://www.escapeartist.com -

An eZine that is free to subscribe to! Many really great articles by travelers and expats that are living a life style similar to mine. 

Plus -Tax Havens - Artist Havens - Retirements Havens - International relocation, overseas jobs, international real estate, offshore investments, overseas retirement. A website and eMagazine about restarting your life overseas. 


Yingwen Teach has a wonderful newsletter about teaching in China.  Click below to send an email and subscribe

Explore China - a nice overview of China with links to the individual provinces for more info

China Virtual Tours nice write ups on all the provinces, cities, and sites in China.

Weather in China gives average, min/max temperatures, plus rain & snow averages by month for all the main areas in China

Average Temps for each month!  <<Great site for many, many cities in the world!

Current Weather - pick the city and receive the current weather there

Expats in China - nice site for 'local' info

Population numbers of the cities in China

Go Asia Pacific - news of the area

The People's Daily (English Edition) the Official news in China

Nantong info

Maps of China - a half dozen maps of China

Teaching in China Links:

Many links to sites about sending English teachers to China:

Nantong First Middle School - where I will be teaching in Feb. 2004

Yingwen Teach has a wonderful newsletter about teaching in China.  Click below to send an email and subscribe.  (This is how I got my first teaching job in China!)

Teaching in China

Teach in China

AbroadChina - Data Base with jobs listed

Teach English in China

ELT Career Portal Many job lists and TEFL information

EscapeArtist.com - many jobs in China, not just teaching English, are listed here

ESL Employment - in China

Contact Information for 20 Selected Chinese Universities

Family & Friends:

theDude.com - daily (almost) Blog from a great friend.  Great photos!

Briscoe Family

Hotels & Resorts:

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World Radio







Current China Date & Time

Well, it's the HUGE country above Vietnam and west of Japan!








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