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The making of SILK

These images are from our visit to Suzhou which is know for it's silk production



Silkworm eggs (popularly known as seeds) are laid out on the mulberry leaves to hatch out into caterpillars about 2 mm long. They grow rapidly, eat voraciously and end up about 30 mm long after 4-5 weeks. During this time, they change skins 4 times. After final skin change, straw frames are provided in which silkworms makes its cocoon. Cocoon-making takes further 8 days, It takes the silkworm another 3-4 days to transform into pupa and another 15 days for the moth to emerge. Like all other moths, the insect passes through four stages in it's life : Egg, Caterpillar, Pupa (or chrysalis) and perfect insect. Female moth lays 200-500 eggs at a time, normally in the summer


The famous Silk Museum in Suzhou

Bruce, Yanti & Mr. Huang look at the worms

The little 'baby' worms eat mullberry leaves





Current China Date & Time

Well, it's the HUGE country above Vietnam and west of Japan!




They get bigger and eat more

They spin their little houses

The cocoons are ready for making into thread


The weaving into clothe begins

Ah, the finished products go on sale!








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