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November 2006


Well, Yanti & the kids had a nice flight from Bali.  Yanti was so worried that the kids would be scared on the first ever airplane flight.  But, nooooooo!  They did so well - looking out the window, sleeping, and eating!

I met them at the airport and we took a taxi back to the apartment. 

We've taken them shopping; to the local Zoo (which is really great); to the local amusement park; shopping; and just walking around.  They seem to be amazed at all the people AND the tall buildings (Bali building height limit is 4 stories (the height of a palm tree).  I think the next amazing thing for them will be the cold weather AND the trees losing their leaves.



Well winter is just about here in Shanghai.  The summer, which can be very hot here only lasted one month (August).  In September, it rained a lot which kept the temperature down and us all cool :-)  October was Autumn here.  It's the best time to visit, as it doesn't rain; lots of sun; and cool days.  Now it's November and finally cold - maybe 16-180C.  It will get down to about freezing in December and January, but not yet.

This is the first winter for the kids.  We bought them some cute winter clothes but I'm sure it still feels pretty cold to them.  (Bali's year-around temperature range is about 80-85F).  They spend their days usually studying here at home.  Yanti brought their Bali school books (Indonesian and English) and is also teaching them some Chinese. 

I've been working hard and last month I was awarded the "Star Of The Month".  I was really surprised as I had never been given an award like this before.  It was given in recognition of all the time and effort I put in at work and all the contributions I've made.  I enjoy working at Wall Street so much.  The people are really great and everyone feels like family or friends.

Thanksgiving is this week and I already see Christmas decoration going up here.  We won't do anything special for Thanksgiving but plan on having a nice Christmas here.

Yanti will be doing a little traveling in January.  She'll fly to Bali (with a stop in Guam; Hawaii; or SF - for her US Visa validation) then continue on to Bali.  She needs to make arrangements for her starting college this coming Summer or Fall and for the kids to go back to school there.  She'll be gone about 2 weeks but I'll take care of the kids here.  I'll work 3 hours a day, in the afternoon, so they'll just be on their own for that time.

So HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all.  Remember to be thankful for what you have.  I know we are :-)



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