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May 2004


  • Moving to Shanghai in June

Well the latest news from Yanti & me in China is that we will be moving to Shanghai next month! Shanghai is known as the New York City of China and I can believe that. When we were there for a week in April I described it as New York City if NO urban renewal had gone on for 50 years and they started it in earnest 12 years ago AND there were no electric bills! So many beautiful high rise buildings and all done in different interesting and beautiful architectural styles. AND they all have lots of lights - either on the top or sometimes all over the buildings. Some have lights on the side that change colors and seem to glow. Then there's the elevated freeways that have blue neon lights running along their sides - really beautiful.

I'll be teaching at the very best place in Shanghai, and the most expensive in China; it's called Wall Street English. They specialize in adult learning and use computers and other multi-media PLUS a teacher, so the 'clients' have a very high success rate! Check it out at: We are in the process of finding an apartment there. Since neither Yanti, nor I have never lived in a high rise, we're hoping to find a nice apartment (maybe 2 bedrooms so we can have a GUESTROOM) in one of the newer sky scrappers!

Where we are now and the school have both been a perfect beginning for our stay in China. Nantong is not huge and the school here and the students have been great! BUT, we do miss having some 'western' stores to shop at. Shanghai has many 'western' stores and even a Bank Of America! I just read that Wal-Mart was opening there (OMG!).

So, if you have ever considered visiting China (and even if you haven't) give it a 'good think', 'cause now you have a friend living there.

My last teaching day here in Nantong is June 18th and we'll be leaving soon after for Shanghai. The school here is so great that they will even drive us to Shanghai for free! IS that cool or what? Wall Street English (WSE) will put us up at a nice hotel for 7 days while we look for a place. I hope to start work around July 1st (happy birthday, Mom).

If I can, I'll send another ChinaUpdate out in June, but the next one may not be until July. Then I'll have lots of photos of the new apartment and Shanghai.


We both still want to see more of China.  With the new job, I'll get yearly vacation.  We want to travel be train to Beijing to see the sites; Xi'an to see the terra cotta soldiers; and down to the Hong Kong area to see it.

We both want to return to California in the middle of December to help celebrate my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary.  The entire family of 5 children, 8 grand-children, and 2 great grand-children will be taking a cruise to Mexico to celebrate!  Then Yanti & I will head to Las Vegas to be married in the United States.  No real reason for us to do this, but itíll be fun just the same.  How many of you were married in Vegas by Elvis?  Then back to San Francisco for News Years Eve and more celebrating! 

We look forward to seeing everyone!

.....Stay tuned!


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