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Maps of China!

On this page I've placed all the interesting maps of China that I have found.  Click on any map to see a larger version and more details.

On this page:

(Many more Maps of China)

This shows that China & the US are almost the same size! And at almost the same latitude!

China relative to the Eastern Hemisphere

This shows China relative to it's neighbors

This is (not great) topo map of China (enlarge to get more detail)

This shows our first stop Nantong and it's relationship to Shanghai.

Map of Nantong - Ok, it's in Chinese, but I'll place where my school is when I find out.  Note though, all the rivers and waterways!  (The Yangzi River is on the left)

Nantong info!

Other Maps:


This shows the general climate of China in the different areas

This shows the dialects spoken in the different areas of China

Countries I've visited (more to come!)

create your own visited country map



Current China Date & Time

Click for Shanghai, Shang-Hai Forecast
Shanghai Weather
 (if the above box is empty, click on it to get the latest weather for Shanghai)

Well, it's the HUGE country above Vietnam and west of Japan...






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