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These images are from Shanghai and the local street food vendors
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In the mornings, since I LOVE breakfast, I've discovered many wonderful treats available from local street vendors here in Shanghai.  These treats are usually only available until about 10AM.  After that they will go away and other vendors will take their place.  These treats are all made as you stand there and some allow you to choose which things to add, such as spicy hot oils, vegetables, and other fillings.



The first treat I discovered is a bread that is stuffed with beef and scallions, then fried.  Mmmmmmm.  They make the bread from scratch as they need it......


Bread stuffed with beef and scallions

The small shop (no seating)

Make the fresh bread dough

The stuffing - scallions, beef, pepper





Current China Date & Time

Well, it's the HUGE country above Vietnam and west of Japan!




Put it together and then roll it up

Fry 'till crispy

Serve it

Eat it - Mmmmmm - 3 for about half a US Dollar


The next delightful morning treat is called danbing, literally, "egg pastry." Imagine a 14-inch iron griddle, manned by a couple. Walk up and order a danbing, and you can watch the process -- that's half the fun and fascination.

First, a scoop of raised dough which the danbing maker spreads over the griddle into a lacy crepe. The dough crisps before your eyes, even as he spreads it. He scrapes off the remaining wet dough, leaving behind the film, now completely crunchy. Then he breaks an egg, which he spreads out while it is still raw, then two sauces: hoisin and hot chile (I skip this sauce).

A sprinkling of chopped aromatic vegetables goes over the sauces: cilantro, scallions, zacai (pickled Sichuan kohlrabi). Then two rectangles of fried crispy dough, and then the thin crepe is folded into thirds over the rectangles, as if it was a business letter, and cut in half. You have an Indian-like dosa wrapped around savory, aromatics, protein (the egg) and more crouton-like rectangles. Hold it in your hand and eat it.

One 14-inch envelope of this savory item costs RMB3, or less than 50 cents. Holding it in your hand is like holding gold.

Link to Video of this being made!


Crepes with eggs (Danbing)

The fixings

The pan

Put in the crepe batter and add the egg


Fold and add the hosin (sweet) sauce

Add a crispy cracker and fold

Also dumplings



Ah, for lunch: Healthy? Doubtful. Tasty? Definitely. We can also quibble with the term "Turkish." While I haven't been to Turkey, I have eaten at Turkish restaurants and haven't ever tasted anything quite like this. That's not a bad thing -- it's just that this is most likely Turkish with Chinese characteristics. It's a pretty simple food: seasoned meat, cilantro and la jiao stuffed inside either a pita-ish roll (the result is gyro-ish), a hamburger bun (BBQ sandwich-ish) or an oily tortilla (burrito-ish). In the name of research, I tried all three. I prefer the first two (and cheaper) options. They are easier to eat -- the burrito fell apart -- and less oily


Turkish (Chinese) Gryos


Sign showing 3 types (wrappers)

TOP: "Turkish Barbecue"
SIDE: "10 kuai for box"
FIRST ITEM: "Pancakes with meat, 3 RMB"
SECOND ITEM: "Hamburger, 4 RMB"
THIRD ITEM: "Pancake roll with meat, 5 RMB"
BOTTOM: "No oil or smoke, healthy food"
(4 RMB = 50 cents)


The chef


The fixin's

Gryo burger!


There are many other delicious treats available.  Some places sell wonderful fruit juices; others teas; others candies!  All very good!


Other goodies

Stuffed buns - stuffed with veggies or meat

Stuffed 'cookies' - see sign at top to see some of the stuffings







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