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Rice Cycle Page

This page contains the complete 3 month cycle of rice growing in Bali. From the idle fields; to the planting of the rice seeds; to the transplanting of the rice seedlings; to the maturing of the rice; to the harvest; to the clean-up by the ducks!
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Before the cycle begins

The fields are flooded, then plowed into a mud 'soup'

One little area has rice seeds planted to grow into seedlings

The seedlings are planted

The planted field (Jan 10)

Jan 13

Feb 4

Feb 11

Mar 2

Mar 17

Mar 31

Apr 3 - the harvesting has begun

Apr 5

Close up of mature rice

Apr 9 - the harvest

Apr 9 - harvest close up.  The rice is beaten against wood racks and then separated from the chaff and dried

The fields are left to 'rest' and are flooded

The ducks and geese come in to eat any rice left and insects - the end of the 3 month cycle



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