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Palaces Page
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Balinese Palaces:  The Balinese culture goes back to before the founding of Venice, Italy.  By that time (9th Century), the incredible irrigation system (as we know it today) was already going strong in Bali.  Kings and their kingdoms go back to before Christ.  You can imagine the riches that accrued to these kings during the time of the 'spice trade'.  So too, can you imagine the Palaces they built.

"It's good to be the king"

Water Palace in Tirtagangga

Water Palace in Tirtagangga

Water Palace in Tirtagangga (Panorama)


Ubud Palace

Ubud Palace - details

Small temple near my house

Thai Palaces: the history of Thailand goes back further than that of Bali.  It is a country that was NEVER conquered by anyone!  Never.  Yes, they had wars, both internal, and with their neighbors, but they are a very proud and beautiful people who still have a reigning king that they adore.  So their Palaces are even more ornate and much larger than those found in Bali.



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