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November 2002




Well it’s going on 4 weeks since the tragic explosion happened on a Saturday evening in Kuta, Bali.  I have received numerous emails asking many questions about the current state of affairs in Bali.  I’ll try and answer them below: 

  1. Is Bali a safe place to visit? 
    • To answer this question you must remember several things that are unique about Bali.  Unlike Indonesia which is 90% Muslim, Bali is 96% Hindu.  The Hindu people (and the Balinese) are a very gentle, non-violent, loving people.  So, yes, it is very safe here in Bali.  The Indonesian government has now passed several anti-terrorist laws that will allow them to stop further violence in Indonesia.  Also remember that the cowards that did this unspeakable act have yet to identify either their cause or their motives; AND they seem to pick world wide sites that are NOT secure and are easy places to carry out their acts of terrorism.  Indonesia is NOT one of these ‘easy’ places for them now.
  2. Are there places in Bali that I won’t be able to visit?
    • NO!  All beaches, temples, cultural sites, museums, etc. are open.  The destruction was limited to a very small area of Kuta – only about 100 yards square, so other than this small area, even Kuta is completely open!
  3. Is there an increase in police or military activity like road blocks, searches of vehicles, etc?

·        NO!  I have noticed several military types at the airport (no weapons visible).  But in general Bali has no noticeable increase in police.  However, I have heard that there are several thousand plain-clothes police currently in Bali.

  1. What is the attitude of the Balinese people now?

·        The Balinese are still a little confused and hurt by the recent events.  In keeping with their Hindu beliefs there have been many more ceremonies taking place.  They feel some-how responsible for this terrible event.  As an example, this Saturday will be a special day of prayers and ceremonies here in Ubud.  It will be multi-denominational.  Ex-pats, school children, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, and tourists will all take part.

·        I will be following up this email with a second one that contains a VERY moving speech given by the head of the village of Kuta.  PLEASE FORWARD THAT EMAIL TO OTHER FRIENDS AND RELATIVES INTERESTED IN BALI AND WORLD PEACE!

  1. Is this a good time to visit Bali?

·        Yes, this is a very good time to visit Bali.  All the hotels are offering drastic discounts; drivers and cars are available; the beaches are beautiful; the weather is wonderful; the diving and snorkeling extraordinary; the people are beautiful and full of smiles as always.  There are many bargains to be found here now.  AND the wonderful Balinese people really need all our help.

·        Because many countries do not understand the unique character of Bali and how it differs from Indonesia, there are not many tourists here now.  Usually there would be 40% Japanese; 30% Australians; and the remainder from the US and Europe.  Now it is made up of mostly Europeans and not many at that.

  1. What is the best way to find discount flights from the US to Bali?

·         Either go to the actual web sites of carriers that go to Bali or, I have used several times.  Jim is very helpful and has his fingers on the current cheapest flights!  Try him!

I've added some images HERE. 

Some other interesting web sites from people who have visited Bali since the tragedy:

1.      Jim & Kelly Pire at:

2.      My Travel site:

3.      My personal web site:



I've added some photos from the 'Tribute to Peace & Unity' held last week-end in Ubud, HERE.  Two days filled with quiet prayers, poetry, music, dance, food, and offerings.  "The horrible event of 12 October 2002 has left the people and residents of Bali with many mixed emotions.  We feel violated and terribly hurt by this act of violence.  We mourn for all who were directly affected by the bombing, and are deeply concerned about the future of Bali.  The victims are not only those who were at the bombsite but all of us in Bali.

The real aim of terrorism is to stop our way of life.  We need to move forward, to show ourselves and the world that our lives will not be driven to a halt.  We will not be influenced by the paranoia and fear, but will rise up and join together as a community to keep on living our lives and restore the peace to Bali

Many countries have issued a travel ban to Indonesia since the bombings,  We are being treated like we have a disease.  We want to show the world that we are well and strong.  In order to achieve this, we are going to hold a Festival Of Peace and Unity in Ubud on 9-10 November 2002.  November 9th happens to be Hari Pahlawean or Hero's Day in Indonesia.  Our objectives are to heal the emotional wounds and distress of the residents of Bali and the Balinese community by channeling that emotion in a positive way by creating a Festival; to combat the 'epidemic of fear'; by getting out into the public arena, and celebrating the diversity of Ubud and Bali; and to restore the confidence and livelihood of Bali" -

How you can help Bali

  1. Plan on a vacation or business retreat or business trip here now!
  2. Donate money.  To give US Tax deductible donations to the relief effort in Bali, please send your checks to:

Bali Hati Foundation
c/o Mr. Max Lloyd
401 El Cominito
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Please make checks payable to "Bali Hati Foundation".  A receipt for your donation will be mailed to you.  Bali Hati Foundation is legally registered in the US under the umbrella of the National Heritage Foundation.

Thank you!

Jim & Kelly do a return visit. 

My great friends Jim & Kelly Pire felt 'brave' and decided to visit me again this year.  Last year they came for their official honeymoon.  This year they just wanted to R&R!  So they spent many hours with Kelly reading and relaxing (ok, and some shopping too); while Jim used his incredible Nikon digital camera to record their trip.  Of course Jim , TheDude, put together a website to record their trip and adventures here.  Please go to to check his incredible photographs and their comments about Bali after the 'tragedy'.  Needless to say they had a really great time here.

Jim was kind enough to use his great camera, photo skills, and some wonderful software to put together a Virtual Tour of my house.  Check it out here:

You can literally tour my house, zoom into to read book title, go up the stairs, and more.  (Press the SPACE BAR as you tour, then when you see a Bulls-Eye it means you can click there to go thru the door or up the stairs.  Enjoy!  And  THANK YOU  Jim ☺. 


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Anguish in Kuta

Balinese parade for "Peace & Unity"

Well, it's there somewhere above Australia and below Singapore...

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