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(From January 2004 thru May 2005 and July 2006 thru Feb 2007, my travel stories and adventures were centered around CHINA.  Click HERE to follow the China adventure)

Hi, my name is Bruce Briscoe, and this is my Bali journal.  I moved to the wonderful paradise of Bali in September 2001.  I live in Ubud, which is in the central part of Bali and is considered the cultural center of Bali.  This site contains my story - from the first idea of moving here; my Hindu Wedding; up to the current adventures I'm having.  

What is the best way to use this web site? Using the menus at the top of each page, you can either go to the Summary Page and look at the highlights, so far, and then just read those.  OR, use the menus to follow along month by month.  OR go to the top left of this (and every) page and use the SEARCH feature to see if your name is mentioned or your topic discussed. OR, to see the latest entries, see the top of the page for the Latest Bali or China Journal Entry and click there.

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Here is a short summary of how I came to be living in Bali 'The Island Of The Gods':

Was asked in June 2001 "why don't you lease your house in Oakland and move to Bali?".  In September 2001, I did just that.  Since arriving here, I have gotten married to a beautiful Balinese woman; 'adopted' two daughters; started a t-shirt business; leased a house near Ubud; started a 'Destination Management Company'; purchased an automobile; went to work as a Director of a 30 man Web Development and Software company in Denpasar; obtained my KITAS, an official 'Temporary Resident' status; obtained my TESOL certificate for teaching English; taught English in Bali and China; visited Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia; planning trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Great Barrier Reef; relaxed; lost weight; and am very happy.

Please read these pages at your leisure.  Any questions, typos, suggestions, or subscription requests? Email me at baliupdate@brucebriscoe.com

love to you all,


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Sunrise over Mt. Agung from our bedroom porch

Well, it's there somewhere above Australia and below Singapore...

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