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Ceremonies Page

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Last updated: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 08:57:48 AM


Muslim wedding in Java
The Bride and Groom to be

The Wedding Party (my friend Wayan on the right)

2 beautiful 'flower girls'

Preparing for the feast!

Some of the many helpers


Temple Offerings at my house
Small temple in rice field, near my house

Temple offering at base of small temple - detail

In June & July, Bali has it's annual Kite Festival

Kite with Tail in Sanur

More Kite pictures>>

Temple and temple offerings are VERY important activities in the Hindu tradition.  There are Hindi ceremonies that can every day in Bali:

Women in traditional dress on the way to the temple

Procession near Sideman
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One temple in Ubud

Women carrying offerings


Bandur detail

Household offering detail

Offerings at the temple - taken home after they are blessed

Cremation ceremonies are held only when a rich or royal person passes away.  They are very expensive.  Less well off families join in the ceremony with their deceased relatives

A long procession of floats carrying symbolic gifts AND the actual deceased

To 'confuse' the evil spirits, the tower carrying the deceased are spun several times.  This confuses the evil spirits

Cremation float close-up

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NYEPI - the day of silence on Bali (Hindu tradition).  The night before these ogoah-ogoahs are paraded around the villages to scare away the evil spirits.  Here's how I saw it


Wow!  So BIG!

Ridem' Cowboy!

Where's the barber?

Proud of their creation!

Nice dress


Empty Monkey Forest Road

Being carried

Girls participate

everyone has fun

the soccer field

'kids' ogoh-ogoh

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what a pair



head detail

a monkey on his back


one lucky kid!

The following are from 2002 preparations from different villages throughout Bali...

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A very thin flying woman devil

Well, he seems to be pretty excited by it all!

Yes, the kids help too!

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"Hey, get off my back!"

The Ramayana epic

Well, maybe not ALL the images are from mythic stories

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